Say Goodbye to Paperwork and Hello to Digital Automation!


Your workforce management solution is here!

With just a click or two, you can schedule, dispatch and report all your tasks using our cloud-based solution.


Schedule & Dispatch

Allocate your tasks with a
simple Drag & Drop from the comfort of your computer.

Task Tracking

Monitor the status of every task, track actual time spent and collect proof of you work from the field.


Advanced Reporting

Powerful Reporting allows you to
analyze your workforce efficiency
and invoice all work being done.

Your Worker’s Favorite App!

Empower and interact with your workforce anytime and anywhere. Task Maser mobile application is like a mobile control center for every worker. It allows workers to access all the information they need to work efficiently and communicate effectively even when there is no network.

Your Own Operations Centre

The Online Portal allows you to create/import tasks and assign
them to your workforce with a simple drag and drop. You can
follow tasks are they being completed and generate extensive
reports to analyze your work.

Managing Your Business Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

If you manage a mobile workforce in logistics, healthcare, electrical, plumbing, telecommunication, water management, construction, or any other related sector then Task Master is your perfect tool.

"Amazing software that has allowed us to double our productivity in less than 4 months and increase our customer satisfaction by 30%"

Godwin Borg, Mapfre Middlesea Assist

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